Angkor wat

Angkor wat

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Geeky poem

After the second ligation and third transduction fail, one wonders..

The cell debris that earns a frown
Or P value that gets you down
The ice slurry that melts so fast
That competent cells they float full mast
The Streptococcus so cheery,
That Amp or Kan it makes merry
The enzyme assay that looks all nice
Until the blot satanically dries
The transfer apparatus that stops midway
Even when you remembered to pray
The ligation colony that is not a clone
Transforming ecstatic smile to heartfelt groan
The cells that thrive on a tryptone feast
Except on cross examination they turn out to be yeast
The PCR that only works on alternate weekends,
With prima donna moods that rival fashion trends
I wonder whether all of this, is on ‘entertainment E. coli ’
As a pick me up and comic turn for bored bacilli!

If its being broadcast on some bacterial underground network, I m sure no channel could compete with its TRP's..


anusha said...

hear hear for the TRPs!

And now, live from the lower intestine, we have our special correspondent, S. Cherisshia reporting on the latest development in adhesion technology - how to stay on your epitheli-home when the bowels begin to move.....

Rafiki said...

My friends in cancer biology, genetics and immunology loved this

laasya said...

@anusha- he he..

@Rafiki- oh awesome, thanks! :)

chaosisforever said...

Till this day, I had this misconception that only Engineers could be geeks. A misconception now removed :D. Heck,I didn't get a word in this poem but loved it anyway.

Browsed thru' your blog. Your writing style and choice of subjects is similar to mine(that means cool :D). Will be visiting again :).

laasya said...

ha ha :) thank you! oh really? i ll look up yours soon then.

Cozyvision said...

nice poem